What is My PCR?

PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. It’s a diagnostic and monitoring tool used to measure the response to treatment in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and other diseases. PCR is one of the most sensitive ways to detect the level of disease in a person with CML.

Despite its importance, many people living with CML are not able to properly monitor their treatment due to lack of access to, or understanding of, PCR technology.

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My PCR is here to educate and equip people with knowledge and tools for PCR testing.

Our Goals are to Increase Awareness, Understanding, and Involvement.

My PCR doctor and patient
My PCR Patient Awareness

Patient Awareness

of the importance to monitor the level of residual disease.

My PCR Patient Understanding

Patient Understanding
of the milestones in CML treatment.

My PCR Patient Involvement

Patients Involvement

in their treatment.

My PCR Community Awareness

Community Awareness

of the needs of CML patients.

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Become a My PCR partner and learn how to advocate for PCR monitoring in your community. Patient leaders can also apply for PCR grants to expand awareness and understanding with local patient groups.

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